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B elow are samples of some of my more abstract painting work. All start with a representational image, but with these canvases, I study the subject from all sides, creating a composite design that includes elements inspired by considering the person, place or thing from every angle.
clear spacerI also practice a "non-local" use of color, applying color in a way that's best for my design, rather than how it's represented naturally.
I don't necessarily start out to make the images funny, but humor just seems to have a way of creeping in.
clear spacerThe scenes I paint are real or imagined events from my life, past and present. Most portraits are from a lifetime project to paint every student in my Venice High School graduation class, from the yearbook. Many are of close friends, others simply those I passed everyday in the halls. It was a humongous class. Don?t know if I'll succeed.
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