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Fred Image

Acrylic on canvas
12" x 9"
Sold No Longer Available

GicleGicleé fine art print available

Studio Akimbo
559 658-2663

Artist's Comments

One of the portraits from my lifetime project of painting a portrait of every student from the year book of my Venice High School graduating class. Fred was one of my very best friends from Junior High School through High School. He was part of a very tight group of friends who surfed up an down the coast. We shared the joys and heartbreaks that are part of teenage life. We became out of touch with each other for many years once we graduated, as adult life took us in different directions. Upon the early death of our good friend Dave Styner (my friend from 1st grade man at our wedding), our tight group came back together for a memorial and remained in touch for a few years afterward, then drifted apart again. Now Fred is gone, too young, as well. I find the friends you made as a kid, before you've tailored yourself into the image you want presented to the world, are the most important. They know your true name. I miss you more than you know, my brother!