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Lighting the Model

Lighting the Model Image

Oil on canvas
18" x 24"
$2,500.00 USD

GicleGicleé fine art print available

Studio Akimbo
559 658-2663

Artist's Comments

Abstracting utilizing multiple viewpoint perspective, I think, made it possible to take what would have been a pretty boring nude and make it more interesting. The old Gertrude Schoolhouse, in Ahwahnee, CA, where the Yosemite Western Artists get together to paint, was pretty crowded this day, as nude model sessions often are (we just don't get the opportunity to work from a nude that often), so, there weren't that many locations in the room from which to chose. My point of view was a pretty flat offering. A straight-on back view of the model, including the back of her head. I traveled around the model to borrow interesting takes on her face and breasts and incorporated them into the back view, telling you more about the model than you would have learned from the back view alone. I attempted to add further interest by pulling back far enough to include those items usually left out, like the lamp providing our main source of light, the staging platform, backdrop curtains and even the clips holding up the backdrop.