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Schaunttee 2: Facial Landscape IV

Schaunttee 2: Facial Landscape IV Image

Acrylic on canvas
35 7/8" x 56 7/8"
$6,730.00 USD

GicleGicleé fine art print available

Studio Akimbo
559 658-2663

Artist's Comments

One of the portraits from my lifetime project of painting a portrait of every student from the year book of my Venice High School graduating class. Schauntee Parker and I only hung out together in gym class, where we'd play team sports together, but he saved my ass from a serious gang beating once, when a group of locals became territorial over their neighborhood. Schauntee happened to be there and vouched for my being "okay." I'll never forget that and I've painted his portrait 3 times in 3 different ways.