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Cowboy Jim

Cowboy Jim Image

16" x 12"
Sold No Longer Available

Gicleé fine art print available

Studio Akimbo
559 658-2663

Artist's Comments

This was the first true watercolor I'd painted in years and I struggled with it at first. I decided, even if I couldn't save it, I'd work it through to the end and by the time it was complete, I'd have revitalized my watercolor skills. Luckily, I was able to turn it around and ended up very happy with the results. I think watercolor is the most difficult of painting mediums. Because the paint is highly transparent, every stroke you lay down, from the first to the last, is there in the final painting. If you make a mistake anywhere along the way, it's difficult to overcome. You need to really think out every stroke or shape, before you paint it, then as you lay the paint on, manipulate it quickly, before it dries.