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L iving near Yosemite in the Sierra Nevada foothills, wildlife play a significant roll in our lives. Coyotes, fox, deer, opossums, bobcats, jack rabbits, raccoons and squirrels are regular visitors. Birds of all kinds abound: Perrigrin falcons, redtail hawks, ravens and the occasional bald eagle rule the air. Woodpeckers, humming and songbirds are at the feeders and wild turkeys pass through from time to time. Blue herons, Canadian geese and ducks of mulitple varieties frequent our pond to make a meal of the frogs living there.
Black bears and mountian lions are more rare, but they do travel through from time to time, usually caught on one of the game cams at night. Although, I did have a black bear exit the tall grass just 15' from me, while I was instructing a group of plein air painters in Cook's Meadow, up at the Park. They're all so inspiring you can count on this series growing over time.
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