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N udes have been been an important subject for painters for centuries. In art school you work from nude models constantly. There are multiple reasons for this. The body is one of the the most difficult of subjects to represent correctly, the face, torso, arms, legs, hands and feet are extremely complex in their makeup. Their shapes change drastically when the eye travels along them from top to bottom or when examining them from different perspectives. Once an artist can represent the nude model correctly, they can effectively draw, paint or sculpt anything.
Another important reason artists study the nude is that to convincingly represent a clothed model, you need to know the body structure beneath that clothing. Clothes move, drape and are shaped by the masses beneath.
Outside of art school I have fewer opportunities to work from the nude model, so you'll find fewer nudes, than all other subject matter, on my website. I do try to find the opportunity at least once a year, as we have a fun local Nudes in November exhibit annually, which I try to enter.
When I do find the opportunity to work from a nude model, I'm extremely appreciative and often generate several paintings, both representational and abstracted, from a single session, so you'll find similar nude poses in all areas of my portfolio.
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